on photography:


the camera as a ‘portal’ – to travel beyond the now
& travel... 

beyond the immediate
beyond the apparent
beyond the realm of the mythic
beyond the realm of the timeless.

Occupying the same space
but a quantifiably different
physics; the mythic
interwoven within the everyday – through alchemy not science.

the Photographic Ear (Karl Hyde) – means that the camera
trains us to be sensually aware of the tone, timbre,
pitch & rhythm of being within a place at a particular
moment, to reveal the sound of that place, through a process
of language & notation, translated into an image that alchemically reveals itself.  




rule 1 _ never crop.

rule 2 _ (re: digital images) never do anything in processing the image that cannot be achieved
in a chemical darkroom.



whispers + wayposts

Matsuo Basho
Katsushika Hokusai
Daido Moriyama
Takuma Nakahira (for a Language to come)
Walter Benjamin
Guy Debord (psychogeography and the dérive)
William Shakespeare
James Joyce
Iain Sinclair
Steve Reich (Music for Eighteen Musicians)
Dylan Thomas (Under Milk Wood _ Starless and Bible black)
Hermann Melville _ for his description of the white of the whale in Moby Dick
John Cage
Susan Sontag,
Mario Giacomelli
Georges Perec
Peter Ackroyd
Tom Phillips
Simon Taylor _ (Injury – film)
Jean Cocteau (L’Orphée)
Alfred Wainwright
John Gay _ Trivia: Or, the Art of Walking the Streets of London