i am both a student and an amateur.

Thought into form - Joseph Beuys

A continuous project altered daily - Robert Morris

These two quotes inform not only my commercial practice but also my art. These quotes also shape and generate the conversation within tomato/ underworld.

The result of this conversation is a portfolio of work (collectively and individually) that continually explores language and its placement & subsequent resonance in the world.

my colleagues in tomato & underworld and i are bound together by one question – what if? 

this spirit of continuous & restless enquiry is further shaped by the conversations between us and even though this a portfolio of ‘my work’ it is, in spirit and form, a product of these conversations.

 I therefore feel it is only right and proper to acknowledge those that have contributed to my life and work; 

current members of tomato ... Michael Horsham, Dylan Kendle and Simon Taylor. Underworld: Karl Hyde and Rick Smith. 

Past members of tomato: Steve Baker, Joel Baumann, Dirk van Dooren, Tota Hasegawa, Jason Kedgley, Greg Rood, Anthony Rogers, Tom Roope and Graham Wood.

friends & family: naomi troski, toru yoshikawa, richard & laura schwamb, and nick rhodes. all at the tokyo type directors club, takeshi kajihara, shigeo goto, satoru yamashita (+81), kiyonori muroga (idea).

Short biography

born 1955, london. now living in melbourne, australia since 2006.

1966-73. school: dulwich college, london.

1973-77: b.a. camberwell school of arts & crafts, london

1980-81: I completed a masters degree in electronic interactive media at Birmingham Polytechnic.

1981-84 Founded ‘Da Gama’, with Alex Mcdowell. Working mainly for the record industry Da Gama was the first studio in London to simultaneously art direct record sleeves and art direct/direct videos.

1983. i met rick & karl and joined their band, 'freur', as video dj. i left the band in 1986. rick & karl subsequently became underworld.

1986-88 head of design & video at a&m records in london.

1988-91 head of design at film/video production company 'vivid'.

1991- founded 'tomato' with steve baker, dirk van dooren, simon taylor, graham wood and rick & karl from underworld.

1999-2005 Demos. Consultant to the apolitical strategic think-tank. UK.

2000 consultant on In the Mind of the Architect. ABC TV series, Australia.

2000 Mode 2001. Consultant for communications for the fashion expo held in Antwerp. Curated by Walter van Bierendonck. Belgium.

2000-02 British Council’s European Design Board. Advisor.

2000-06 Fellow of the London Institute. uk.

2001 Sapporo Ideas City, Consultant and designer to the government of Sapporo to reinvent Sapporo as a creative and cultural global hub.

2002-04 the British Government.
Consulting of the Creative Industries.

2003-04 Grey Advertising, London,
Executive Consultant.

2006 moved to melbourne, australia.

2007 Adjunct Professor of Architecture at RMIT University, Melbourne.

2007 became a member of the Tokyo Type Directors Club. 

2008-11 DAB Executive Council at UTS (University of Technology, Sydney).

2010 Winner of the special prize at the Tokyo Type Directors Club for The Floating World, Ukiyo-e.

2010 tomato awardedStudio of the Year. Grafik Magazine. Judged by Wim Crouwel. uk.

2012-14 professor of communication design at mada (monash university: art, design & architecture)

2012-present Visiting Professor at Zokei University, Tokyo.

2017 appointed enterprise professor of design, vca (university of melbourne).

2017 Winner of the Tokyo Type Directors Club prize for 'o tomato parco'.

2017 winner of the all japan catalogue competition for 'o tomato parco'.

2017 winner of the all japan catalogue competition, jury special prize for 'one thousand fathoms deep'.



1997-2000 University of East Anglia, Graphic Design. uk. external assessor.

1997 Waikato Polyectnic (NZ). Advised on the creation of a new multi-disciplinary course. new zealand.

1999 Omni’um, Australia. Helped initiate this online educational forum
under the leadership of Rick Bennett (University of NSW). australia.

2000 Architectural Association, London. external advisor.

2000-03 Central St. Martins M.A. Graphic Design. london, uk. external assessor.

2000. tomato workshop. tokyo.

2001. tomato workshops in Tokyo,
Sapporo and New York.

2001-03 University of East London, Graphic Design. uk. external assessor.

2002 tomato workshops in Berlin,
Tokyo, Sapporo and Taipei.

2002 Bartlett School of Architecture, London. uk. external advisor.

2003 tomato workshop: Sapporo, Kassel and Rhode Island. Simultaneous 24 hour global workshop running for a week.

2004-05 Central St. Martins B.A. Graphic Design, london. Mentor/Visiting Lecturer.

2004-06 Royal College of Art on both the M.A. and PhD Visual Communication. london, uk. external assessor.

2006 agideas. melbourne, australia. workshops.

2009-10 RMIT, M.A. Architecture. Semester Studio.

books, booklets + magazine + web articles, authoured

books/booklets authored.

1997 Mudlarks. 24pp visual essay.
Published by the London Festival of Literature. uk.

2009 The Typographic Mind. 64pp.Published by TDC BCCKS. japan.

2010. the floating world: ukiyo-e. published by stiedl/mack. germany/uk.

2010 One Thousand Fathoms Deep. Lumen No.8. Published by Artbeat. Japan.

2016. onethousandfathomsdeep. published by parco, japan.

2016. amateur. published by +81, japan.


books/booklets co-authored.

1994 Channel Your Experience.
Written, Designed and Edited with Simon Taylor and Michael Horsham (Tomato) and Chris AShworth/David Smith (MTV Europe). Including contributions form: His Holiness the Dalai Lama, William Gibson. Published by MTV Europe. uk.

1995 Mmm... Skyscraper, I Love You.
A typographic journal of New York
Written and designed with Karl Hyde (Underworld). Published by Booth-Clibborn Editions. (UK)

1996 Process; A Tomato Project.
Tomato monograph.
Published by Thames & Hudson. (UK)

1997 Process; A Tomato Projekt. Munich. Tomato monograph to accompany the Tomato exhibition
at the Die Neue Sammlung, Munich.
Published by Bangert Verlag. Germany.

1999 Bareback. Tomato monograph.
Published by Lawrence King. UK.

2000 Beyond the Borders. Springer. pp.190-215. Germany.

2001 Tomato; Real and Imaginary Flowers. 64pp Tomato monograph to accompany the Tomato exhibition
at LaForet, Harajuku, Tokyo.

2002 Tomato: GasBook No.5.
64pp Tomato monograph. Published by GasBook, Design Exchange. Japan.

2004 In the Belly of St. Paul.
A typographic journal of London
Written and designed with Karl Hyde (Underworld). Published by Underworld Print. uk.

magazine + web articles authored.

1995 Ukiyo-e, the Floating World.
Scroope. Cambridge University Architectural School, pp.73-77. UK.

1997 Lost in the City. Review. Eye Magazine, no.27. UK.

1999 A virtual city in a global square.
A 6 page article on Federation Square. Eye Magazine, no.34. pp. 38-44. UK.

2000 Notes from A Wordless Thing.
AA Files, Autumn 2000. pp.22-27. UK.

2005 Nameless Thing. An essay on the Tokyo Type Directors Club. Eye Magazine, no.57. pp. 60-64. UK.

2005 Every Now and Again. Profile of Katsumi Asaba. POL Oxygen, No.13. pp.100-107. Australia.

2009 Formgiving. 144pp essay on the creative process within and between tomato and Underworld. Idea Magazine No.337. japan.

2011 Björk’s slow-drip app. Biophilia by Björk. Eye Magazine, no.87. uk.

2011 The timelessness of craft Karel Martens and OASE on show at the Monash Faculty of Art and Design Gallery in Melbourne. www.eyemagazine.com

2012 God save your mad parade – the most British of opening ceremonies. The Conversation, 28 July 2012. theconversation.edu.au

2013 Wayposts 1. Idea Magazine, No.362. japan.

2014 Wayposts 2. Idea Magazine, No.363. japan.

2014 Wayposts 3. Idea Magazine, No.365. japan.



work featured in...


2010 The Japan Issue. ISTD Typographic 68. Interview with Nick Kapica on the Tokyo Type Directors Club. uk.

2011 Response. AGDA Victoria. Edited by Dominic Hofstede and Paul Fuog. Next? Now? Was? pp49-63.

2012 UK Graphics and Polish Design Scene issue. +81 Magazine, Vol.57. Cover, pp.8-23, Interview. Japan.

2016 360 degrees. no.64. August 2016. p74-79. china.

2016 +81. Autumn 2016. Music Creatives issue. japan. as part of tomato.




tokyo type directors club, japan: 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2004, 2005, 2006. 2007, 2008, 2009,2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2017.

D&AD Annual. UK: 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 2000.

Art Directors Annual. Germany: 1994, 1995.



1994 The Best in Cutting Edge Typography. Stafford Cliff (Ed.). B.T. Batsford. UK.

1994 Fax You- Urgent Images. The Graphic language of the Fax.
Liz Farrelly (Ed.). Booth-Clibborn Editions. UK.

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Editors: Jane Alison and Liz Farrelly.
Barbican Art Gallery + Booth-Clibborn Editions. Uk.

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1998 Typography Two. Implosion.
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1999 Design Museum Book of Twentieth Century Design: Pocket Edition (Designers of the 20th Century).
Catherine McDermot. UK.

2000 Forest of Thoughts. Boris Muller, Sven Voelker. Die Zeit, Germany.

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2009 Design in Britain: Big Ideas (small Island). The Design Museum and Deyan Sudjic. UK.

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2013 Some Book. Graphic Expressions between Design and Art. Lars Müller Publishers. p.129. switzerland.

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2015 Code-X; Paper, Pixel, Screen and Ink.  Edited by Danny Aldred and Emmanuelle Waeckerlé. uk. authored essay.

2016 Brno Biennial. p268. Czech Republic. authored essay.

interviews with...

articles about...

Magazine/book interviews

2004 john warwicker. Design Notes, No.2.  japan.

2005 How to be a Graphic Designer, Without Losing Your Soul. Adrian Shaughnessy (Author). Laurence King, London. (UK)

2012 For strong, silent type go straight to the sauce. The Age Newspaper, January 27, 2012. Interview.

2012 Sea Change. John Warwicker: Interview. Desktop magazine, No.287, October. australia.


Magazine articles about...

1995 Information sculpture. Eye Magazine, no.13. uk.

1996 The Info Perplex. inthisworldtogether. Emigre, No. 40. teal triggs. usa.

2000 John Warwicker@tomato. Loud, 2000. japan.

2001 Creative Review, June 2001.
Cover and main feature. uk.

2002 Floating Time and Floating Space. Cut magazine, October. japan.





web interviews

2012 Wacom Japan. Interview by Tomoya Kumagai, about Tomato and Underworld. japan.


radio interviews

1997 kraftwerk. BBC Radio 1. 40 minute interview about the cultural importance of the band Kraftwerk. UK.

1999 ABC Radio, Panel discussion on the ‘speed’ of contemporary culture. Australia.

2012 Conversation Hour. ABC Radio. Panelist with Felicity Ward and Paul Grabowsky. Jon Faine hosting. Australia.


television interviews

1997 BBC 1 TV. 9am News. Interview about the Cultural Industries. UK.




exhibitions, installations


1997 Mudlarks. the London Festival of Literature. the tomato building. uk.

2000 A world, a world. Architectural Association, London. UK.

2009 Treatise: The Floating World, Ukiyo-e. The Narrows, Melbourne, australia.

2010 For John Cage (La Mer). G/P Gallery, Ebisu, Tokyo.

2015 Criss-Cross Rhythms Exploding with Happiness (Ukiyo-e). +81 Gallery, New York.

2016 Shibuya, Shibuya. Onitsuka Tiger Flagship Store, Tokyo.






1977 Graphic Design Works: ILEA Art Schools. Whitechapel Gallery, London.

1985 Graphic Design for Music.
City of Edinburgh Museum. edinburgh.

1988 Vaughan Oliver and John Warwicker. Postal Hall, Rotterdam. holland.

1996 JAM style + Music + Media
The Barbican, London. Curated by Jane Allison. UK.

1997 Process; A Tomato Projekt. Munich. Tomato exhibition at the Die Neue Sammlung, Munich.

1998 Life. Bregenz. Austria. with tomato.

2000 Onedotzero. Institute of Contemporary Arts, London. UK and tokyo.

2000 Code. LaForet, Harajuku, Tokyo.

2001 Aller Anfang ist Merz – von Kurt Schwitters bis heute. Sprengel Museum, Hannover. Germany.

2001 Tomato; Real and Imaginary Flowers. Tomato exhibition at LaForet, Harajuku, Tokyo & fukuoka, japan.

2001 Typojanchi. Seoul Typography Biennale. south Korea.

2001 Web Wizards. Design Museum, London. (UK). with tomato.

2002 Tomato. The Cube, Manchester. UK.

2003-04 Drawing: the process.
Kingston University January/February 2003, Loughborough University Gallery February/March 2003, UCE Birmingham Art Gallery March/April 2003, Hot Bath Gallery Bath November 2003, Clifford Fishwick Gallery, Exeter January 2004, Chapel Gallery, St Helens, Merseyside February/March 2004. uk.

2003 Un Movil en le Patera.
EACC (Espai d’art contemporani de Castelló), Castellon, Spain. with tomato.

2004-06 Communicate: Independent British Graphic Design Since the Sixties.
Barbican Art Gallery, London, 2005.
Guangzhou Museum of Art, Guangzhou,
2005. Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Centre, Shanghai, 2005.
Three Gorges Museum, Chongqing, 2005. The China Millennium Monument, Beijing, 2005. Museum fur Gestaltung, Zurich, 2006.

2007 ArtJam. Makuhari Messe, Tokyo, Japan. with tomato/underworld and naomi troski and toru yoshikawa.

2007 Music Graffiti. Space O, Omotesando Hills, Tokyo.

2008 Beautiful Burnout.Jacobson Howard Gallery, New York. USA. with tomato/underworld, laura schwamb, richard schwamb, naomi troski and toru yoshikawa.

2010 Golden Bee 9: Moscow International Biennale of Graphic Design. Central House of Artists, Moscow.

2010 Design UK. Parco, Tokyo.

2010 Grapass (Graphic Passport). +81 Conference, 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo.

2011 Tokyo Type Directors Club, 2010. Ginza Graphic Gallery, Tokyo.

2011 SubText. Carriage Works, Sydney.

2011 Graphic Architecture. PinUp Gallery, Melbourne.

2012 Dodecahedron. Platform Contemporary Art Spaces, Melbourne.

2012 Grapass. (Graphic Passport), Trans Art, Tokyo.

2012 British Design 1948-2012. V&A, London.

2012 ExUrbanScreens. Frankston, Melbourne. Curated by Dr. Vince Dziekan, MADA. The Colours in the World are not the Colours that I see (Colour Code). in collaboration with Indae Hwang and Yun Tae Nam.

2014 Prowl. CCP, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne. (with Karl hyde + toru yoshikawa.

2014 melbourne now. national gallery of victoria, melbourne.

2014 Hong Kong International Poster Triennial. hong kong.

2016 Brno Biennial. czech republic.

2016 o tomato parco. parco, shibuya, tokyo (with tomato).

2017 o tomato parco. (tomato) featured in the tokyo type directors club, 2016. ginza graphics gallery, tokyo.

lectures, talks, conversations...

educational, judging...


lectures, talks... solo.

1997 Powerhouse, Sydney, Australia.

1997 Waikato Polytechnic. New Zealand.

1997 RMIT, Architecture Department. Melbourne, australia.

1998 RMIT, Architecture Department. Melbourne, australia.

2000 Atypl. Zurich and Berne, Switzerland.

2000 Resfest, Tokyo. Japan.

2004 On Roy Litchenstein. Hayward Gallery. London, UK.

2006 Art Forum: John Warwicker - Process, Thought into Form.
Dechaineux Lecture Theatre
Tasmanian School of Art - Hobart, University of Tasmania.

2009 Introducing the Tokyo TDC.
Monash University Faculty of Design, Melbourne and UTS (University of Technology Sydney), Sydney, Australia.

2010 The Floating World, Ukiyo-e. Tokyo TDC, Tokyo.

2010 Presenting the Tokyo Type Directors Club, Saewoon Paper Company, Seoul.

2011 Process, ideas, form, and the advantage of not knowing what you are doing. August 13. RMIT Architecture, Melbourne, australia.

2012 Process;. Zokei University, Shibuya, Tokyo.

2013 Growing Old Alive. On the circuitous journey of a curious mind. President’s Lecture, D&AD, London.

2013 Process: Thought into Form (and back again). Massey University, Wellington, new zealand.


educational On numerous occassions since 1991:

Chelsea School of Art. (UK)
Central St. Martins. (UK)
University of East Anglia. (UK)
Glasgow Art School. (UK)
Cumbria Art School. (UK)
Royal College of Art, London. (UK)
Architectural Association, London. (UK)
London College of Printing. (UK)
Derry Art School. (UK)
Ravensbourne Art School. (UK)
Gwent Art School. (UK)


as moderator

2000 The ‘Future of Cities’ debate,
ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art), London, uk.

2001 with John Maeda. ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art), London, UK.

2002 The ‘Democracy in Design’ debate.
ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art), London, uk.

2002 Web Wizards. Design Museum, London, UK.

2009 +&-=X: 20 Years of Typo-graphics from the Tokyo Type Directors Club,
Monash University, Faculty of Design Gallery. Melbourne, Australia.


as judge

Tokyo Type Directors Club, Japan: 2005.
2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016.

2002 Beck’s Student Art Prize. ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts), London, UK.

2004 D&AD: Foreman of Interactive Design Panel. london, UK.

2005 Award. Campaign Brief
Craft in TV/Cinema Jury. sydney, Australia.

2012 Premier’s Design Award, Melbourne, Australia.



1973 Royal Academy Drawing Prize for Natural History. UK.

1993 German Art Directors Club. Bronze for the design of the corporate idenity
and stationary for the advertising agency .Start. Germany.

1994 1st MTV European Music Awards, Best print design for MTV Book
Channel Your Experience. Europe. with tomato.

1995 German Art Directors Club. Gold, Silver and Recommendation for the design of the corporate branding for the advertising agency, .Start. Germany.

1997 Broadcasting Design of America – 2 Golds: Best Direction, Best commercial over 30 seconds – for the Hunger television commercial. USA.

1998 German Art Directors Club. Silver for the design of the record cover America Now. germany

2000 Japanese Record Industry Gold Record for the Underworld DVD
Everything, Everything. Japan.

2001 D&AD. Silver for the Sony Connected Identity in the interactive category. UK. with tomato.

2002 winner. Creative Review Peer Poll. UK. with tomato.

2004 Australian Advertising Awards. 3 Bronze. Lemon Ruski campaign: Overall Campaign, Best Cinema Ad, Best Commercial under 30 seconds. australia.

2008 Sapporo Art Directors Club. Silver for the interactive branding of Sapporo. japan.

2010 Tokyo Type Directors Club. Special Prize for The Floating World, Ukiyo-e. Japan.

2010 Grafik Magazine. Studio of the Year. Judged and awarded by Wim Crouwel. with tomato.

2017 Winner of the Tokyo Type Directors Club prize for 'o tomato parco'.

2017 winner of the all japan catalogue competition for 'o tomato parco'.

2017 winner of the all japan catalogue competition, jury special prize for 'one thousand fathoms deep'.


lectures, talks... group/conference.

1994 agideas. melbourne, australia.

1995 Cambridge University, Architecture Department. uk. with karl hyde and graham wood.

1995 Presidents Lecture- D&AD. London. An evening with Tomato. UK.

1996 Designing the internet: when digital design demands analogue thinking. cochrane theatre, London, uk. ‘Designing the Internet’ was the first UK conference on the subject, taking place at a time when it was still possible to ask whether designers
were shooting themselves in the foot by not taking online media seriously.
Many of the attendees have become significant figures in the Internet industry, taking a better understanding of design with them.

1997 Cologne, TV and Film Symposium, Germany.

1998 Profile Intermedia. Bremen, Germany.

2000 Profile Intermedia. Bremen, Germany.

2001 Asahi Shumbun 50th Anniversary Lecture, Tokyo. with tomato.

2001 Superhumanism. D&AD/ the Foreign Policy Centre, London. (UK)
with Naomi Klien, Rem Koolhass, Theodore Zeldin, Richard Seymour,
Neville Brody, John Maeda and Dan Wieden.

2001 On Drawing. Kingston University. uk.

2002 Interactive non-linear storytelling. Micromovies, Tampere Film Festival, finland.

2002 Urban Drift, Berlin Architectural Festival , Germany.

2002 4th conference on Designing interactive systems: processes, practices, methods, and techniques. London.

2002 1st Sao Paolo Design Bienel, Brazil. with David Carson.

2002 X-Media 3 - International Conference Design, Digital Medina. Florence, Italy.

2004 Core77 Discussion Board RoundTable. Topic: DESIGN AND THE MEDIA. Moderator: Paola Antonelli. online.

2006 AgIdeas Alumuni, Melbourne, australia.

2006 Trendsetters UK. British Council, Istanbul, turkey.

2007 Ways of Making; Thought into Form. D*Hub, Sydney Design Festival. australia.

2007 Tomato. Arc Biennial, Brisbane. australia.

2009 An Evening with Tomato. AIGA/LA, Los Angeles, usa. with tomato.

2010 The Telling of Stories: In Search of a Typographic Language and a Typographic Voice. Grapass (Graphic Passport). +81 Conference, Tokyo.

2012 What makes a great photograph? Chaired by Naomi Cass, CCP Director. Other speakers: Serena Bentley, Dr Marcus Bunyan, Helen Frajman,Natalie King, Bronek Kozka, Tin & Ed, Tom Mosby. Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne.

2016 o tomato parco. parco, tokyo, japan.

2017 o tomato parco. tokyo type directors club. dnp, tokyo, japan.

2017 in conversation with jonathan barnbrook. tokyo type directors club. dnp, tokyo, japan.